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British Aerospace Harrier
McDonnell Douglas AV-8 Harrier

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The design of the Harrier began in 1957 when Sydney Camm of Hawker Aircraft and Stanley Hooker of Bristol Siddeley Engines designed a tactical aircraft around Bristol's new vectored thrust turbofan.  Originally known as the Hawker P.1127, the prototype first flew in 1960.  The Harrier entered service with the RAF in 1969.

About the same time the aircraft went into service with the RAF, the U.S. Marine Corps began acquiring Harriers, designating them the AV-8.  McDonnell Douglas built the Harrier under license in the U.S.  The British government opted out of the cooperative agreement in 1975, leaving development of the Harrier up to the U.S.

The Harrier saw extensive service in the Falklands (Malvinas) Islands campaign.

Specifications (Harrier GR.Mk 3)





Type: Attack
Engines: one 21,500 lb (9752 kg) thrust Rolls-Royce Pegasus Mk 103 vectored-thrust turbofan
P.1127: Initial Hawker designation
Kestrel: Name given for UK/German/US joint evaluation in 1964
Harrier: Name given by UK
Sea Harrier: Royal Navy version
AV-8: U.S. Military designation
AV-8S: Spanish version (named Matador)
TAV-8: U.S. Military training version

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