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Douglas D-558 Skyrocket

The D-558-I Skystreak was designed as a high-speed research aircraft for the U.S. Navy and NACA.  A straight-wing aircraft, the first of three Skystreak aircraft flew in 1947.

To continue research at higher speeds and altitudes, the D-558-II Skyrocket was given swept-wings and a rocket motor in addition to its turbojet.  The first of three Skyrocket aircraft flew in 1948.  In 1953, a Skyrocket became the first aircraft in the world to be flown at Mach 2.  The Skyrocket program lasted until 1956.

Specifications (D-558-II)





Type: Experimental
Engines: one 3,000 lb (13.3 kN) thrust Westinghouse J34-WE-22 turbojet and/or one 6,000 lb (26.7 kN) thrust Reaction Motors XLR8-RM-6 rocket motor
D-558-I: Initial design with J35-A-11 turbojet
D-558-II: Redesign with swept-wings and added rocket engine

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