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Grumman F11F Tiger

The F11F was the U.S. Navy's first operational supersonic aircraft.  Originally designated the F9F-9, the Tiger first flew in 1954 and entered service in 1957.  Although the Vought F-8 Crusader began to replace the F11F shortly after its introduction, the Tiger remained in  service until 1969.

The F11F was redesignated the F-11 in 1962 when the joint USAF/USN designation system was introduced.

Specifications (F11F-1)





Type: Fighter
Engine: one 7,450 lb (3379 kg) thrust Wright J65-W-18 turbojet
G-98: Grumman design number
F9F-9: Original U.S. Navy designation
F11F: U.S. Navy (prior to 1962)
F-11: U.S. Navy (after 1962)

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