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Grumman F9F Cougar

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Soon after the F9F Panther entered service, Grumman began development of a swept-wing variant designated the XF9F-6.  The prototype first flew in 1951.

The Cougar was the first swept-wing aircraft to see active service on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.  The Marine Corps used several two-seat Cougars in Vietnam as Forward Air Control aircraft.

Almost 2,000 Cougars of all types were built when production ended in 1959.  Some remained is service as late as 1974.

Specifications (TF-9J)





Type: Fighter
Engine: one 7,200 lb (3266 kg) thrust Pratt & Whitney J48-P-8A turbojet
F9F-6/7/8: U.S. Navy fighter (prior to 1962)
F-9: U.S. Military fighter (after 1962)
AF-9: Attack version
RF-9: Reconnaissance version
TF-9: Two-seat Training version

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