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Hughes H-1 Racer

Photo: Paul Shanaberger

The Hughes H-1 was designed to be the fastest aircraft in the world.  It broke the speed record on 13 Sept 1935 at just over 352 mph.

The H-1 had two sets of wings, a shorter (low aspect ratio) wing for the speed record and a longer wing for the transcontinental record attempt.  The H-1 broke the Los Angeles-New York record on 19 Jan 1937 at 7 hours 28 minutes.

Jim Wright, owner of and driving force behind recreating the H-1, was lost flying the replica H-1 on August 4, 2003.





Type: Racer
Engine: one 700 hp (521 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-1535 Twin Wasp Jr piston engine

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