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Loening OA-1/OL-1

The OA-1 was an innovative amphibian seaplane that merged the fuselage and hull into a single structure eliminating the hanging floats.  The main landing gear could be swung clear of the waterline.  First flown in 1923, the U.S. Army purchased 45 to serve in Hawaii and the Philippines.  The U.S. Navy purchased over 100 using the designation OL-1.

Five OA-1s traveled from 22,000 miles on a four month Pan American Good Will Tour of South America in 1927 visiting 25 Central and South American countries.

 Specifications (OA-1A)  Designations
Type: Observation Amphibian
Engine: one 425 hp (317 kW) Liberty 12 inverted vee piston engine
COA-1: initial designation
OA-1: U.S. Army Observation Amphibian
OA-2: OA-1 with 480 hp Wright V-1460
OL-1: U.S. Navy Observation version with 440 hp Packard 1A-1500
OL-2: OL-1 with 440 hp Liberty 12
OL-8: OL-1 with 450 hp P&W R-1340
HL-1: U.S. Navy Ambulance version with 525 hp P&W R-1690
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