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Grumman SA-16 Albatross

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( Photo: Hal Maynard, LtCol USAF Retired)

First flown as the XJR2F-1 in 1947, the Albatross was used by the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The U.S. Navy used the Albatross as a utility aircraft (the UF-1) carrying a crew of four and 10 passengers, stretchers or cargo.  The U.S. Air Force used the Albatross as a search and rescue aircraft (SA-16).  In 1962, both services re-designated this aircraft as the HU-16.  Most were phased out of service in the 1970s.

Specifications (HU-16D)





Type: Utility Amphibian
Engine: two 1,425 hp (1063 kW) Wright R-1820-76A Cyclone radial engines
G-64: Grumman model number
XJR2F: original U.S. Navy experimental utility transport designation.
UF-1: U.S. Navy Utility version (before 1962)
SA-16: U.S. Air Force Search Amphibian version (before 1962)
HU-16: U.S. Military Search Utility version (after 1962)

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HU-16 Albatross in action




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