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Martin TM-61 Matador

The TM-61 Matador was a tactical surface-to-surface missile.  The Matador  was launched by a solid fuel booster rocket, then flew to its target powered by an Allison J33 jet engine.  The first Matador flew in 1949.  Beginning in 1954, the TM-61 was deployed to West Germany, Korea and Taiwan.

Over 1,000 Matadors were produced before being replaced by the TM-76 Mace starting in 1959.

Specifications (TM-61C)





Type: Tactical "Cruise" Missile
Engines: one 57,000 lb (254 kN) thrust Aerojet solid-fuel booster rocket; one 4,600 lb (2086 kg) thrust Allison J33-A-37 turbojet
B-61: Pilotless Bomber designation (1951 - 1955)
TM-61: Tactical Missile designation (1955 - 1963)
MGM-1: Mobile launched designation (after 1963)

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