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Pratt & Whitney R-2800
Double Wasp

The Engine Specifications
In 1936, Pratt & Whitney began work on the R-2800 Double Wasp.  The first R-2800 flew in 1939.  In 1940, an R-2800 powered XF4U-1 reached 405 mph in level flight, a world record for a military aircraft.

The Double Wasp was in production from 1939-1960 with over 125,000 being produced.

18 cylinder, air-cooled, two row radial
displacement: 2,804 cubic inches (46 liters)
Bore x stroke: 5.75 x 6 in
USMC Air-Ground Museum
Quantico, VA
June 2001
Models Used by
R-2800-5: 1,850 hp
R-2800-8: 2,000 hp (1491 kW)
R-2800-9: 1,850 hp
R-2800-10W: 2,000 hp (1491 kW) with water injection
R-2800-27: 2,000 hp (1491 kW)
R-2800-31: 2,000 hp (1491 kW)
R-2800-34W: 2,100 hp (1566 kW) with water injection
R-2800-41: 2,000 hp (1491 kW)
R-2800-43: 2,000 hp (1491 kW)
R-2800-50: 1,900 hp (1417 kW)
R-2800-59W: 2,535 hp (1890 kW) with water injection
R-2800-85: 2,100 hp (1566 kW)
R-2800-99W: 2,300 hp (1715 kW) with water injection
R-2800-CB16: 2,500 hp (1864 kW)
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Martin B-26 Marauder
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