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Rolls-Royce Spey
Allison TF41

The Engine Specifications
A scaled down version of the cancelled RB.140 Medway, the RB.163 Spey was designed to power the BAe Trident.  The RB.163 was rate at 12,550 lbs or 20,500 lbs thrust with afterburner.

The RB.183 (originally called the Spey Junior) is a simplified engine with lower power ratings.

A Spey derivative was produced by Allison as the TF41.

Two-shaft turbofan
4-stage (5-stage in some versions) LP compressor driven by a 2-stage LP turbine
12-stage HP compressor driven by a 2-stage HP turbine
Models Used by
RB.163-23: 11,000 lb (48.9 kn) thrust
RB.168-20: 12,140 lb (54 kN) thrust
RB.183-2: 9,900 lb (44 kN)  thrust
TF41-A-3: 14,500 lb (64.5 kN) thrust
British Aerospace Nimrod
Fokker F-28 Fellowship
Grumman Gulfstream II
Vought A-7 Corsair II
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