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Rolls-Royce B.37 Derwent

The Engine Specifications (Mk 8)
The Derwent was actually two different engines.  The first was a redesigned B.23 Welland with increased airflow and straight through combustion chambers.  Marks I through IV were of this design reaching 2,450 lb thrust.  Production began in 1944.

It was suggested a scaled down Nene engine would fit the nacelle of a Gloster Meteor.  A quick calculation estimated thrust at 3,650 lb.  By the end of 1945, a Meteor powered by the Derwent V set a world speed record of 606 mph.

Compressor: Dual-sided centrifugal
Turbine: single-stage axial
Models Used by
Derwent 5: 3,500 lb (15.6 kN)
Gloster Meteor
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