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General Electric Aircraft Engines

Engines  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1943 I-16 J31  
1944 I-40 J33  
1946 TG-180 J35  
1948  TG-190 J47  
1955 CJ-805 J79  
1957 CT58 T58  
1957 CJ610 J85  
1960   T64  
1968 GE1/6 TF39  
1970 CF6 F103  
1971 CF34  TF34  
1974   F101  
1978 CT7 T700  
1979    F110  
1980    F404  
1991 CFE738    
General Electric's story begins before 1890 when Thomas Edison organized his various businesses into the Edison General Electric Company.  Because of an expertise in power generating gas-turbines, the company was approached by the U.S. Army first in 1917 to develop turbochargers, then again in the 1940's to develop jet engines.

GE had already begun development of a turboprop before hearing of Whittle's turbojet.  GE was selected to produce the W.2B under license.  This experience quickly lead the the I-40 and TG-180 (designated the J33 and J35).  By 1946 both engines had been handed to Allison.

GE got back into the turbojet business with the excellent J47 and has been one of the top aircraft engine companies since.

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