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Rolls-Royce Griffin

The Engine  Specifications
Design began on a new V-12 engine named Griffin in 1939.  The Griffin was designed to deliver 1,500 hp at low altitudes for naval torpedo bombers.  It was also designed to be compact so it could possibly replace the Merlin in some applications.

The earliest flight I can find is 1941, the first flight of the prototype Fairey Firefly.

V-12 piston engine
Liquid cooled
Displacement 2,239 cubic inches (36.7 liters)
Bore x stroke: 6 x 6.6 inches
 Models  Used by
Griffon 57A: 2,455 hp (1831 kW)
Griffon 73: 2,250 hp (1678 kW)
Avro Shackleton
Fairey Firefly
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