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British Aerospace Jetstream

The Jetstream was originally developed by Handley Page beginning in 1966.  The prototype first flew in 1967.

By the end of 1969 cost overruns had driven this venerable aviation company to voluntary liquidation.  Jetstream production rights eventually went to Scottish Aviation which became part of British Aerospace (BAe) in 1978.

Under BAe the Jetstream flourished with the introduction of the 19-seat Jetstream 31 in 1982.  A 29-seat Jetstream 41 was introduced in 1991.  Jetstreams 51 and 71 were announced but slipping sales led to the end of Jetstream production in 1997.

 Specifications (Jetstream 32)
Type: Commercial
Capacity: 19 seats
Engines: two 1,020 hp (670 kW) Garrett TPE331-12UAR turboprops
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