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Schweizer Aircraft

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
c.1940 SGS 2-8 TG-2  
1954 SGS 1-26 TG-3  
1956 269/3001    
1957 G-1642   Ag-Cat
1966 SGS 2-33    
1 license built for Hughes
2 license built for Grumman
Schweizer Aircraft is the largest privately owned aircraft company in the United States.  Beginning with gliders in 1930, the company now makes sailplanes, powered fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.


1930: The Schweizer brothers build and fly their first glider

1939: Schweizer Aircraft is incorporated.

1940: A SGS 2-8 establishes a new American two-place distance record of 219 miles.

1944: Air Cooled Motors subcontracts component manufacturing to Schweizer

1957: Schweizer contracts to build the Ag-Cat for Grumman

1983: Schweizer becomes the licensed manufacturer for the Hughes 269/300 series helicopters.

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