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Beech 35 Bonanza

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The Beech 35 Bonanza was the start of family of aircraft that saw about 15,000 produced over 35 years.

First flown in 1945, the V-tail Model 35 seated a pilot and three to four passengers.  In 1948, Beech developed a trainer from the Model 35.

The Model 33 Debonair was introduced in 1959.  The Debonair was a low cost Model 35 with a conventional tail.

In 1968 a larger six-passenger version of the Bonanza, the Model 36, was introduced.  The U.S.A.F. purchased the Model 36 as the QU-22 to be used in Vietnam to relay signals from ground sensors.

Specifications (V35B)





Type: General
Engine: one 285 hp (213 kW) Continental IO-520-BB flat-six piston engine
Model 35: Beech company designation
Model 33: Bonanza with conventional tail (named Debonair)
Model 36: Lengthened six-seat version
QU-22B: U.S. military avionics version for "Pave Eagle" program.

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