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Model Military Number Name
1932 17 C-43 Staggerwing
1937 18 C-45 Expeditor
1945 35   Bonanza
1948 45 T-34 Mentor
1964 90 U-21 King Air
1972 200 C-12 King Air
1978 400 T-1 Beechjet
1982 1900   Commuter
1992 PC-9 MkII T-6 Texan II
Travel Air Corp was formed in 1925 by Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna and Lloyd Stearman.  Walter Beech struck out on his own in 1932 by founding the Beech Aircraft Company.  The first Beech aircraft was the Model 17  Staggerwing.  Beech started with model number 17 as the last Travel Air design number was 16.

Beech Aircraft became a subsidiary of Raytheon in 1980 and was re-named the Raytheon Aircraft Company in 1994.

In 2007, Raytheon sold its aircraft business which is now operated as Hawker Beechcraft. 


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