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Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde

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In the late 1950s both Bristol Aircraft (which became part of British Aircraft Corp) and Sud-Aviation (which became part of Aerospatiale) were independently designing supersonic commercial aircraft.  It was soon obvious that neither could afford such a project on their own and in 1962 an agreement was made between the companies to work together.

Designed to operate at just over Mach 2, the Concorde first flew on 2 March 1969. Scheduled services began with Air France and British Airways on 21 January 1976.

High operating costs and environmental concerns ended production after 20 were built.  Only 14 entered commercial service.  The last Concorde was retired on 24 October 2003.





Type: Supersonic commercial transport
Seats: 128 passengers (typical)
Engine: four 38,000 lb (170 kN) thrust Rolls-Royce/SNEMA Olympus 593 Mk 610 turbojet engines.

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