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Bristol Siddeley BE.10 Olympus
Rolls Royce Olympus

The Engine  Specifications (Mk 201)
Designed by Bristol, the BE.10 Olympus was first run in 1950 reaching 10,000 lbs thrust.  The Olympus was flying in a Canberra testbed by 1953.

Entering production in 1955, the Olympus continued to be developed by Bristol, Bristol Siddeley and Rolls Royce finally developing 40,000 lb thrust by 1977.  This engine was used to powered the Avro Vulcan, TSR.2 and Concord SST.

Compressor: 5-stage LP/7-stage HP
Turbine: single-stage LP and HP
Mass flow: 240 lbs/sec
Pressure ratio: 12
 Models  Used by
Mk 301: 20,000 lb (89 kN) thrust
Mk 601: 38,000 lb (170 kN) thrust
Avro 698 Vulcan
Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde
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