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Model Military Number Name
1918 D.VII    
1955 F27 C-31 Friendship
1967 F28   Fellowship
1986 F-100    
* first model number in series
** acquired with IMCO
Anthony Fokker was one of early aviation pioneers, with his first aircraft, the Spin, flying in 1910.  The success of his first three designs prompted him to found Fokker Aviatik GmbH in 1912.

Fokker Flugzeug-Werke built fighter aircraft for Germany during World War I, dominating this type of aircraft with the Fokker E.III Eindekker, the Dr.1 Triplane and the D.VII, arguably the best fighter of the war and the only aircraft mentioned in the Treaty of Versailles.

After World War I, Anthony Fokker returned to the Netherlands and focused on commercial aircraft.  Fokker produced some of the best European commercial aircraft in the 1920s starting with the F.II of 1920.  The most famous Fokker aircraft between the wars was the F.VII Trimotor of 1928.

Anthony Fokker developed a profitable American branch of his Dutch firm in 1924 which he sold to General Motors a few months before the stock market crash in 1929.

After World War II, Fokker started over again with the F-27 which pioneered the short-range turboprop airliner concept in 1955.

The worldwide airline crises of the 1990s and fierce competition put Fokker out of business in 1996.  Four Fokker subsidiaries were purchased by Stork and renamed Stork Aerospace in 1999. 




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