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Wright R-2600 Cyclone 14

The Engine Specifications
Wright began work on a larger version of the Cyclone in 1935.  The R-2600 used 14 Cyclone cylinders in a two row radial layout.  The Cyclone 14 was in production by the end of 1937.

The R-2600 was a major World War II engine with Wright making 50,000 of the B-series alone.  All production ceased at the end of the war.

14 cylinder, air-cooled, two row radial
displacement: 2,603 cubic inches (42.7 liters)
bore x stroke: 6.125 x 6.3125 inches
Models Used by
R-2600-3: 1,600 hp (1193 kW)
R-2600-9: 1,700 hp (1268 kW)
R-2600-13: 1,700 hp (1268 kW)
R-2600-20: 1,900 hp (1417 kW)
R-2600-22: 1,900 hp (1417 kW)
R-2600-23: 1,600 hp (1193 kW)
R-2600-92: 1,700 hp (1268 kW)
Douglas A-20 Havoc
Douglas B-23 Dragon
North American B-25 Mitchell
Lockheed B-37
Martin PBM Mariner
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver
Grumman TBF Avenger
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